Alleles ratio

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This Excel script is based on calculation proposed by Pojskic et Kalamujic (2015) .The purpose of this measurment is to estimate effective number of alleles and relation between detected (An) and effective number of alleles (Ae). Effective number of alleles is calculated as 1/Sum(p2), since ratio as R=Ae/An, and additional approximation based of number of alleles we can estimate as R'=R*(1-1/An). Number of detected alleles (An) and expected heterozygosity (He) must be input data (columns marked italic) for proper calculations.





How to citate ALLELES-RATIO

Pojskic N. 2015. Alleles ratio: Excel program for analyse of relation between detected and effective number of alleles. INGEB, University of Sarajevo.


Pojskic, N. and Kalamujic, B. (2015). Simulations based on molecular-genetic data in detection of expansion Salmo trutta allochtonous population in the Neretva River's tributaries. 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology / 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology, Montpellier, France. 539-540.