Laboratory for cytogenetics and genotoxicology


Team: Sanin Haverić, PhD, Head of Laboratory; Anja Haverić, PhD; Maida Hadžić, MA;

External associate: Professor Borivoj Galić

PhD student: Jelena Krivokapić


Activities of the Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genotoxicology are being realized through the scientific research and expert activities.

Research is based on two general aspects:
I cytogentetic and genotoxicological analysis of bioactive potential of certain physical, chemical and biological agents, and

II cytogenetic and genotoxicological monitoring of human populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Expert activity of the Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genotoxicology aims on the prenatal and postnatal cytogenetic analysis including chromosome analysis and karyotyping.

Both of stated activities are based on modern and actual methods and tests of classic and applied cytogenetics. The most frequently used tests are: chromosome aberrations analysis, cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay and sister chromatide exchange assay. As the majority of research includes cell cultivation, this methodology is continuously applied and optimized for various cell types. Also various methods of conventional, differential and fluorescent staining of cells and chromosomes are being constantly improved. Evaluation of cytotoxic and cytostatic potential of tested agents includes application of colorimetric method in different cell lines and cultures. 

Capacities of the Laboratory for Cytogenetics and Genotoxicology are significantly used for academic improvement and realization of numerous graduate’s, master’s and doctorate thesis of graduate, postgraduate and PhD students of University of Sarajevo.


Laboratory for cytogenetics and genotoxicology provides following expert activities:

  • Karyotyping chromosome banding and analysis;
  • Cytogenetic biodosimetry - chromosome aberration analysis in peripheral blood samples of humans exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Genotoxicity and cytotoxicity tests in vitro (testing of genotoxic and cytotoxic potential of chemical substances, herbal extracts)
    • Chromosome aberrations analysis;
    • Cytokinesis-block micronucleus cytome assay;
    • Sister-chromatid exchange assay;
    • Allium assay;
    • Alamar blue assay;
    • Trypan blue assay.
  • Establishment of primary cell lines.



·           Analysis of K2(B3O3F4OH) bioactive and medical potential; (ongoing project).

·           Analysis of natural bioactive compounds potential in the inhibition of genotoxic and cytotoxic effects in vitro; (2012-2013) financed by Federal ministry of education and science.

·           Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity analysis of natural and synthetic food colorants in FB&H; (2011-2012) financed by Federal ministry of education and science.

·           Evaluation of antitumor properties of halogenated boroxine; (2010-2011) financed by Federal ministry of education and science.

·           Participation in international collaborative project: HUMNXL – Exfoliated cells micronucleus project; (2009-2011);

·           Analysis of the specific chromosomal markers of basal cell carcinoma; (2007-2009) financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Sarajevo Canton;

·           Cytogenetic markers in human populations of FB&H as possible bioindicators for Balcan syndrome; (2002-2003) financed by Federal ministry of science, culture and sport.