The First Symposium of Geneticists in B&H

Program of the two-day Symposium will begin with welcoming words of the organizers and the eminent geneticist with emphasis on the history of genetics development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Symposium will start with the plenary lectures and the program will continue with oral and poster presentations divided into four natural entities of related scientific specialties: General Genetics, Genetics and Biomedicine, Genetics in Biotechnics and Genetics in Forensics. All scientists and researchers from the country and abroad, who work in the field of genetics or in their research using genetic methods, will be invited to participate. Lectures and papers presented at the Symposium sessions will be published in the Proceedings of the Symposium, which will be distributed to all participants.

The ceremonial founding assembly of the Society of Geneticists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a round table on capacity and perspectives of genetics in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the role of genetics in science at a global level, will also be held during the Symposium. The aim of the round table will be to perceive the current state of genetics in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the light of modern genetic trends, to assess personnel and technological capacity and the development of genetic research in B&H, and to provide guidelines on future courses of action and the development of genetics in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the basis of the adopted report.

Given that the proposed Symposium will be the first meeting of geneticists of various profiles in Bosnia and Herzegovina, its importance for current researchers and scientists, especially for future generations is emphasized. The Symposium will allow overview of the actual state of genetics as the science in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as introduce and connect the B&H geneticists in the country and abroad, which is one of the basic preconditions for their united access to national, regional and international grants to support research projects.

The Symposium will be held on 17th and 18th February 2011 at the Hotel "Europe".

Program of the Symposium can be downloadedhere.