INGEB hosted professional seminar

Establishment of forensic DNA database in the country of the region: experiences and perspectives

March, 3rd/4th 2011, Sarajevo (Hotel Europe)

A large number of factors influence the creation of an effective DNA database. Nevertheless, the most prominent ones include specific legislation and power/ limitations imposed by the law while using these databases. Even if the laboratory is high quality and the processing time of samples is short, an inadequate legislation can limit the use of DNA database’s potential to a great extent.

Many countries have found different approaches to the process of introduction and implementation of the DNA database. Questions such as which one of the institutions should have jurisdiction over establishing and managing the national DNA database, whose data should be included in the database, how to store samples, what is the allowed time of keeping samples, if and when data should be deleted from the database are only some of the issues that have to be considered in the process of designing and establishing databases.

In the past few years, the countries of the region, by following European and global trends, have initiated activities with the goal of establishing the national DNA databases. However, in some countries, the process does not evolve in expected dynamics, it is either completely blocked or is realized without consulting “the profession”. Therefore, the organization of the professional gathering is a duty of the profession, as forensic geneticists will be given an opportunity to express their own views on this matter but also an opportunity to give concrete guidelines towards a more effective realization of the process of establishing and functioning of DNA database in the countries of the region.

Based on the above mentioned, the decision on organization of the professional seminar has been made, the title of the seminar being: The establishment of forensic DNA databases in the countries of the region: Experiences and Perspectives. The seminar will be held on the 3rd / 4th of March 2011 in Sarajevo (Hotel Europe).

Institute for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Sarajevo i Association of geneticists of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized this seminar. Participation was confirmed by 14 renowned experts in the field of forensic genetics of the region and BH, whose names and affiliations are listed in theseminar syllabus.

Professor Damir Marjanović
President of the Association of geneticists of BiH
Chairman of the Scientific Council of INGEB
Seminar Coordinator