Significance of the Institute’s Work

Activities of the Institute are significant for the wider B&H society in numerous ways. Some facts are of particular importance:

  • Developments in the field of molecular genetics and genetic engineering worldwide justified the original motive for the establishment of the Institute. Particularly, it pertains to the fields of food technology, medicine, pharmacy, forestry and horticulture, metallurgy and environmental protection. Despite unfavourable circumstances in the past, biotechnology based genetic engineering in still the segment of general technology where B&H follows in the steps of modern world.
  • INGEB has substantial personnel and research potential in the areas of biology, biomedicine, biotechnique and biotechnology which justifies scientific and social interest in its further advance. Through completion of several international scientific projects a core research team, that is capable for wide array of research approaches, was established. 
  • INGEB possesses highly sophisticated equipment, widely applicable in various multidisciplinary research in genetic engineering and molecular biology. During 1992-1995 war in B&H major peaces of the equipment were preserved, however they required specialist repairs and replacement of obsolete models. Considering the costs involved, the concentration of such equipment in one facility is the only rational solution.  
  • Among the original motivations behind the establishment of INGEB is the need for a competent B&H institution that is able to monitor development of biotechnology worldwide, filter out and adopt acceptable components and coordinate biosafety system. Also, the role of INGEB also includes independent development of selected areas of genetic engineering based biotechnology that are relevant for B&H science and economy.
  • INGEB is the unique institution of science with necessary human resources, technical and other conditions required for education in the fields of genetic engineering and biotechnology at all the level of studies. B&H HEI do not hire professional scientist that engage in research full time. Therefore, general INGEB potentials represent the most competent basis of HE that are at the disposal to all interested HEI and other institutions in B&H. Thus, rational integration of scientific and educational functions of INGEB as well as its flexible integration into general system of scientific and educational process in B&H are accomplished. 
  • In addition to its primary function of scientific research, INGEB has developed human and technical basis for expert activities in various areas of human interest: medical diagnostics, forensic and medico-legal practice as well as quality control of food, medications, cosmetics, detergents and protective agents.
  • INGEB activities are important components within networks of national and international cooperation in science and technology as well as the transfer of knowledge in biotechnology. Thus, based on our own initiative and wider recognition of our associates, B&H became a party to the relevant UN system, and INGEB became formal ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) affiliate centre.